Release: 27th February 2019 - Digital Member Communication Preferences.


This document is intended to inform and educate the reader regarding the described changes, additions, and amendments to the functionality of the TRP’s products.

About This Release


Enforcing TRP’s Vivid Vision by developing further value within the products by enhancing current features.


To comply with the new GDPR legislation act. Also, this new development allows further customisation to email communication with recipients by providing an option of what category of communication they would like to receive.

It gives your members more choice about which types of communication they receive from you. 

It enables you to communicate specific types of email communication to member groups who have consented to receive it 

It ensures that marketing preferences recorded in your both MMS and Digital are aligned


What will be released?

Changes to the Create and Edit mailing pages will be released. An extra option on this page will now be available to allow the user to select an "opt-in type". From this, the user should select whether the mailing is for "Operational", "Marketing" or "Urgent" use.
These changes are to ensure mailings are categorised to consider a more granular opt-in preference from members. This is the first stage of the planned changes however which is to merely categorise mailings as we will not yet be registering members granular opt-in preferences, this will come later.

Three categories of communications have been introduced to Digital: 

  1. Operational 
  2. Promotional/Marketing 
  3. Urgent 

Definition of communication categories:


The default category for all your communication has been set to Operational. This has been applied to your existing mailings. When setting up future mailings you will be asked to categorize your mailing as per the categories above

How will it affect customers?

Users of the Digital software will now be forced to select this new "opt-in type" when they are creating a new mailing/email within Digital or if they are editing an existing mailing/email.

Does it affect all customers?

Only customers who use Digital will be affected.

What do customers need to do?

All of the customers’ existing mailings will be placed into the "Operational" opt-in type by default. If any of their existing mailings do not fall into this category then they should update them to the most appropriate category.
Otherwise, they should continue to use the system as normal, but now selecting an opt-in type when creating new mailings.

IMPORTANT What you need to do:

Please make sure your mailings/SMSs are categorised correctly. If you do not do this, you may potentially send a communication to members who have unsubscribed. 

New Feature Descriptions:

Where can I set the communication categories? 

Communication categories can be set in the New Email tab on the home page 

Where to find this page – Manager > New Email 


How do I view which communication category a mailing/SMS is in? 

This page can be found in – Manager > Mailings Overview 

The category of communication will be displayed in the ‘opt-in’ column. O = operational, M = Promotional and Marketing, U - Urgent  


How can members unsubscribe from a communication category? 

When a member clicks ‘unsubscribe’ in the communication they receive from you this is the page they will be taken to and where they can amend their communication preferences.  


How can I manually change a member communication preference? 

To opt a member out who may have verbally requested to be opted out from communications, you will need to change the communication preferences for that customer within Digital.  

Where to find this page – Manager > Communication Preferences 




On this page, you can amend the member's preferences by ticking or unticking the TRP opt-in boxes.  

Note: You cannot amend the MMS opt-in box as this reflects the preferences stored in your MMS. Changes made within your MMS will automatically be updated on this page. 

Are there any other ways a member could have been unsubscribed?

If Digital is unable to send to a particular SMS number or email address (perhaps because the number or email address is invalid), then Digital may unsubscribe a member automatically. This will be recorded in the audit log which can be found on the Communications preferences page. 

Does this new system link to our Member Management System? 

Yes. If you are an integrated customer (i.e. Your MMS is linked to TRP), then TRP does read data from your MMS. 

For a member to receive a communication of a particular type (operational or marketing) they need to be opted in within your MMS and not be unsubscribed within Digital. 

The only exception is that communications with an opt-in type of ‘Urgent’ will send to ALL members that fall under the rules set for this email or SMS regardless of opt-in and unsubscribes unless they are known to have invalid contact details (i.e. have been unsubscribed due to a send failure).

IMPORTANT To be aware:

The urgent category should only be used for urgent communication such as telling members that the gym is closed due to snow. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a legal, legitimate reason to send communications to members that have opted out. 

Customers that use MRM:

If you use MRM as your Member Management system and decide to add “custom campaigns”, it is possible for us to link these campaigns to the Operational or Promotional communication categories in Digital so that Digital automatically knows a member’s preferences. If you would like us to configure this for you, please contact


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