Subject Access Request

GDPR Requirement

Right to Access & Right to Portability – This means that it is a member’s (Data Subject’s) right to obtain and reuse the personal data that has been stored.


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A member may ask you to provide them with all of the personal data that is held for them. If required, we will provide an output of the member’s data held in TRP systems via an Excel (CSV) spreadsheet. This will be sent to you upon request so that you can share it with the member.

How to Enable

Via submission of a request to

See the GDPR request guide here.


Please ensure that any personal data that you send via your support ticket is password protected. You can do this by providing the details of the member in a password protected excel (CSV) document.

Please ensure you provide the password separately. A member of our support team will be in touch when they have received the support ticket to request the password.

This is an example of what the output will look like:


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