Social Media Sharing with Insight NPS - 7th Dec 2016

As you are aware at TRP we work with you, our customers, to understand your needs and develop new and exciting features that will provide you with new ways to maximise the benefits of Insight NPS.

We are therefore pleased to announce the following new feature releases now available to you when you log in to Insight NPS.

Social Media Sharing

This feature allows you to share positive NPS comments from your customers direct to your social media pages, setting up and managing access on a per user basis.

Setting up customer profile posts

This feature helps you to ask your customers to share messages about your business on their social media, whilst retaining control of which messages are shared.

I already utilise the social media function so what does this mean to me?

If you currently utilise the social media function you will now need to log on to Insight NPS and reset your Social Media Access Tokens as your existing setup will no longer apply to the new functionality.


I don’t use the social media function so this is not relevant to me.

Utilising social media to promote your facilities and the positive feedback that your customers give is very valuable. It is quick and easy to set up and will raise your profile amongst a wider audience.

If you have any questions please contact your Coach/Account Manager or the team at

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