Release: 6th-7th September 2017

In this week’s release (Wed 6th – Thurs 7th) we have improvements for Interact and Insight as well as some bug fixes.

Highlights this week:

  1. Interact Executive Summary Group and Club Reports
  2. Insight Follow Ups report

Interact: Executive Summary Group and Club Reports

The Executive Summary reports that are sent out at the beginning of each month have been updated to include all Targeted Members. Previously they just showed ‘High Risk Members’ and excluded Signpost interactions. These improved reports will now give you the ability to see all targeted interactions on one report. 


Insight: Follow Ups report interactive Details section

The Follow Ups report is even more informative. If you click on any cell with a number in it in the Details section it will show you the corresponding responses in the Responses section. For example, in the image below I can see that Willie has been assigned to 2 members in the ‘Assigned to user’ column. Clicking on the number ‘2’ will reveal the two members that he has been assigned to follow up with in the Responses section. Now I can ask Willie why he hasn’t been able to Follow Up with Pauline and Chloe within 2 days.

Bug Fixes:

Follow Ups report: All table and User table inconsistent

A few inconsistencies were found recently in the Follow Ups report which resulted in inconsistencies between the All table and the User table in the Details section. When manually adding a Promoter or Passive to the Todo list, the Follow Ups report was not including them in the ‘Assigned to user’, ‘Step 1 completed within 2 day(s)’ and ‘Completed Step 1 Total’. This has now been fixed so that if you manually add a Promoter or Passive to the Todo list they will be included in both the User and All tables found in the Details section.

NOTE: Please note that as part of releasing this bug fix it will require recalculating a huge amount of historical data, so if you look at the Follow Ups report for a certain date range and see that data is not appearing, just leave it till the next day and by then the data should be ready. Thanks for your patience. 


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