Release: 16th-17th August 2017

In this week's release (16th-17th August), we have made improvements in Insight and CLUBCOUNT™. Read on to find out more.

Insight Bug Fix: Follow Up report %

The Follow Up report sometimes showed the number of Follow Ups as being over 100%. This has been fixed so that the percentage of Follow Ups will not go over 100%.


Streamlining CLUBCOUNT™ Cost Per head

We noticed there was a small discrepancy in the parameters for Cost per Head reporting within the CLUBCOUNT system which may have been showing slightly different performance details between your Timetable/Schedule Report and your Detailed Reports. This has now been rectified.

Please don’t worry, all your historical attendance data is exactly the same but the levels at which performance is Green, Yellow or Red is now consistent in all areas.

More information is included in your system Help option for Cost Per Head Targets

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