Release: 26th - 27th July 2017

This week we have some bug fixes for Insight and Interact. 


Insight Bug Fix: Email Breakdown report graph and recipient list inconsistent

In the Email Breakdown report, the number of unsubscribes in the pie chart was showing correctly however the number of unsubscribes in the Recipients list was showing incorrectly. This has been fixed so that the number of unsubscribed members shown in the Recipient list matches the unsubscribed figure in the pie chart.


Insight Bug Fix: BCC email address not working for some email clients

The BCC email address created in Insight (used to track email threads) was not working as expected for some email clients. E.g. Gmail and Outlook due to the way the client was reading it. This meant that email threads could not be tracked. This has now been resolved.


Interact Bug Fix: Percentage effective not consistent across reports

The Percentage effective on the Interaction Dashboard was showing a different number to the Percentage effective on the Club/Centre Dashboard. This has now been resolved so the Percentage effective is consistent across both reports.

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