Release: 7th - 8th June 2017

We’ve had a bumper addition of new and improved Insight reports in May and we still have another one for you this week. Read on to learn more.

Insight highlight this week: Follow Ups report

Follow Ups report: NEW

The Follow Ups report shows you how well your team are doing at following up on Detractors that are joining the Todo list. 

Watch this video to quickly get up to speed on how to make the most of the new Follow Ups report.

What is in the Details section?

The Details section of the Follow Ups report allows you to drill down and find out exactly how many members were followed up on that entered the Closed Loop process.

The Details section has two tabs within it that you can flick between; the ‘All’ tab and the ‘User’ Tab. Clicking the User tab reveals a new table which shows the number of follow ups that individual users have completed. 

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