Release: 31st May - 1st June 2017

We’ve had a bumper addition of new and improved Insight reports in May and we still have another one for you next week along with some extra features. Read on to learn more.

Insight highlights this week

  1. Follow Ups Closed Loop setting
  2. Sends and Responses report


1.Follow Ups Closed Loop setting

The Closed Loop setting for follow ups is now more flexible as you can choose the follow up time period you want to be anything between 1-28 days.

To change the follow up target time frame go to Settings and click on the Closed Loop tab.


NOTE: If the follow up timescale is changed these changes won't take place immediately. Please wait 24 hours for historical data and reports to be updated to reflect this time change. 

2.Sends and Responses: IMPROVED

The graph on the Sends and Responses report has been updated to show the number of sends and responses per day. Previously it was shown as a rolling total.

For example, clicking on a data point on the graph below shows that 163 surveys were sent on 19th March 2017.


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