Release: 24th-25th May 2017

In this weeks release we show you how you can now improve the layout of your CLUBCOUNT timetable when exporting to PDF and how some improvements will help you make the most out of Insight. Read on to learn more.

New CLUBCOUNT Export Options

We are pleased to reveal improvements to your CLUBCOUNT PDF export options.

Using the Schedule option in the Customise Print Timetable section you will now see a “Compact Schedule” option. This will allow you to group your daily classes by studio and create a better fit to a single page export.

You can see how this new improved schedule tool works in this CLUBCOUNT Compact PDF View video.


What’s improved?

  1. Searching within the Location filter in reports
  2. Drop-Outs % on the Dashboard & Executive Summary report
  3. Recipients page

1. Search Locations filter in reports

What’s improved?

Searching is now smarter and easier for multiple sites in the Location filter on any of the reports pages within Insight.

Try it now by opening a report such as the NPS Score and carry out the following:

  • Click on the drop down arrow in the Locations Filter (see image below) to reveal different options
  • Click ‘Select all’ to select all locations or ‘Clear All’ to clear any current selected locations
  • Search all sites for a keyword or string of characters. For example, in the image below entering the letters ‘li’ in the search box reveals all sites containing the characters ‘li’.


1. Drop-Outs % on the Dashboard & Executive Summary reports

What’s improved?

If either Automatic or Manual Drop-Outs are deactivated then the Drop-Outs % will still display on the Dashboard. If both automatic and manual Drop-Outs are deactivated then the Drop-Outs % on the Dashboard will be displayed as 0%.


2. Recipients page

What’s changed?

If you are integrated, the Recipients page (found under Settings) has a new column called ‘Status’. The Status can either be ‘Active, Cancelled or Unknown’. This information is pulled from your LMS/MMS. If the status is ‘Unknown’ then it means that this information is missing in the LMS/MMS.



Bug fixes


Bug fix: Step 2 Todo items not appearing on the Todo page

In some cases the Step 2 Todo items were not appearing on the Todo page. This has been fixed so Step 2 Todo items will now appear in all cases.


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