Release: 17th-18th May 2017

This week we have a range of improvements to reports as well as a quick video on the changes to the Drop-Outs report. Read on to learn more.


What’s improved?

  1. Drop-Outs report
  2. Details Section of NPS Score and NPS Breakdown reports

1. Drop-Outs report: IMPROVED

What’s changed? Watch the video to find out.

What does the Drop-Outs report tell me? The Drop-Outs report shows a running total of Drop-Outs over the time period selected by the filters at the top of the page. A Drop-Out is a member who has been manually or automatically dropped off the Todo page. Ideally you want a low number of drop outs. 

2. Details Section of NPS Score and NPS Breakdown reports

What’s improved?

Clicking on a cell in the Details Section of the NPS Score and NPS Breakdown reports reveals the corresponding responses in the Responses Section.

For example, clicking the cell showing the Percentage Detractors (3.66) shows only those responses associated with Detractors in the Responses section:


Bug fixes

Insight NPS

Bug fix: problem with NPS Score graph on Executive Summary emails

The ‘How is your score trending?’ graph in the Executive Summary email was incorrectly displayed as a flat line. This has been resolved to ensure the Executive Summary emails display correctly when sent out next week.

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