Release: 10th-11th May 2017

Further to last week’s release of new reports, we have three more reports for you to explore. Get up to speed now by watching a quick video on each report.

Insight NPS

What’s new?

1. Sends and Responses report (replaces the Sends report and the Responses report)

What’s improved?

2. Response Percentages report

3. Response Tag Groups report

1. Sends and Responses report: NEW

This brand new report enables you to immediately compare the number of surveys sent (shown by the bold line) compared to the number of responses received (shown by the dotted line) on one graph.  

Recipients section:


The Recipients section lists everyone who was sent the survey according to the filters selected at the top of the page.

Want to know if someone has responded? The Responded column shows the date that the person responded to the survey. If this column is blank then the person hasn’t responded yet.

2. Response Percentage report: IMPROVED

What’s improved?

  • New section called Recipients

3. Response Tag Groups report: IMPROVED

What’s improved? 

  • Details section has changed to show the breakdown of Tag groups per mention type

Details section:


The Details section is a league table of all Tag groups broken down into mention type: Positive, Negative or Neutral. Very quickly it shows you what members are commenting on so you know exactly which operational area/s to improve to increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Why can I see more Tag groups in my Details table than shown in the graph? The graph will display up to 10 Tag groups. If there are more than 10 Tag groups these will be shown in the Details section.

Want more information? Click on a row in the table to reveal responses which match that exact Tag group. E.g. clicking the Tag group ‘Class instructors’ will reveal all responses that include this Tag group.


Bug fixes

Insight NPS

Bug fix: Quick win section

In some cases the Quick win section of the dashboard was showing the Quick win as the Tag group with the most number of mentions. This has been changed so that the Quick win now shows the Tag group with the most negative mentions.

Bug fix: Follow up email text too small to read

The text in the Follow up email was reported as being too small to read. The text size has been increased so that it can be easily read on all devices.


Bug Fix: Fix issue with SMS delivery receipts

An error was found in the logs with the script set up to receive receipts for sent SMS messages. This meant that the Digital system did not have an accurate record of what messages had been successfully delivered or what messages had bounced etc. This has now been resolved.


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