Release: 3rd-4th May 2017

This release we have some great new reports as well as some improvements to existing reports. Read on to find out more.


Key changes:

  1. New reports page
  2. Improved NPS Score report
  3. Two new reports: Loyalty Shift (replacing the NPS Conversions report) and NPS Breakdown (replacing the Promoters, Passives and Detractors reports)
  4. Additional report features: viewing multiple sites and the history link
1. New reports page


2. NPS Score report: Improved

What’s improved? 

  • Details table shows the breakdown of the percentages into the NPS categories.
  • View multiple locations. For businesses with multiple sites, compare how the NPS score has trended across all or selected sites by using the Locations filter. Each location will be represented by a different colour line on the graph.

3. Loyalty Shift Report: NEW

This brand new report enables you to quickly track changes of your customers loyalty. Want to know who is moving from a Detractor to a Promoter? The Loyalty Shift report will tell you.

NPS Breakdown report: NEW

This new report is a great way to quickly view the % of Promoters, Passives and Detractors all on one page. It provides a snapshot of trends over the date range selected.

Want to view more than one location? Select multiple sites in the Location filter.

4. Additional report features:

History link 

Want to know the full interaction history of a member when viewing a response? Clicking on an individual response then clicking the history link will show you all interactions that have occurred with that member.


Viewing multiple sites

On line graphs where multiple sites can be selected in the Location filter, each location will be represented as a different colour line so you can quickly compare different locations.

5. Bug fixes

Bug fix: some recipients not appearing on Todo list

Some recipients were not correctly showing on the Todo list immediately. This has been rectified.

Bug fixes: Executive summary report

  • Some reports were not sent out at the correct time. This has been rectified.
  • The lists for the top 5 and bottom 5 locations were displayed in the wrong order. This has now been changed so that, for example, the first location shown on the Top 5 list will be the location with the highest NPS. 
  • Some businesses with multiple sites were missing locations. This has been fixed so that all locations will be present.

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