Release: 19-20th April 2017


Improvement: Todo list now checks for a members home site

On rare occasions it was possible for a response to appear on the Todo list which had a different site to the one selected detailed in the response. The scenario where this occurred is as follows:

    1. Survey sent to member.
    2. Member provides a score and response.
    3. Member’s home site is changed to another site.
    4. System now displays the response on the Todo List at the members new site and not the old site. However, the survey is still linked to the old site and therefore shows the member’s old site.

This has been rectified by moving the response to the correct site so you should no longer see responses for sites you do not manage.

Improvement: Dashboard League Table

We have improved the Dashboard League Table so that you always see the previous view when going up a level for consistency purposes.

Bug Fix: Facebook Token was not being revoked correctly

If a Facebook token had been revoked it was still possible to post a response to Facebook using this token. This has been rectified.

Bug Fix: Non-integrated customer login issue

On rare occasions an unhandled error was preventing non-integrated customers from logging in. This has been rectified.

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