Release Details: 29th-30th March 2017

Insight Changes

Executive Email Reports (NEW FEATURE!)

  • Purpose: To allow you to receive high level stats via email such as NPS score, Benchmark, follow-ups and Loyalty Shift.
  • You will receive further information about this feature soon. However, it can be activated when editing a user on the Settings > Users page.

Onboarding Flow Improvements (NEW FEATURE!)

Two onboarding flows have been added to Insight for new users.

  • Their purpose is to help any new users you add to learn how to configure the software as well as use the Todo List.
  • The flows can be accessed using the “Get Started” button.

Slight increase in Interaction survey type sends

A bug has been fixed that meant that Interaction Survey type sends were being limited incorrectly. We have resolved this bug which means that send rated for Interaction surveys will return to normal.

Typo in reminder emails has been resolved

A bug affecting the wording in the survey reminder emails has been resolved.

Remember you can always contact if you have any queries on the new  features or bug fixes detailed above.

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