Release Details: 15th-16th March 2017


  • Bug fix: It was possible to record multiple interactions on the Who’s In page by clicking the button multiple times. We’ve prevented this from happening.
  • Bug fix: If the create button was clicked multiple times on the Instructor Admin page it was possible to create multiple instructors. We have prevented this from happening.

Insight NPS

  • Bug fix: An issue was identified where if a member attended a different site from where they joined, the Digest email was placing them under the wrong site. This has now been resolved.
  • Bug fix: An issue was identified that meant that mailing segments weren't saving correctly. This has now been resolved.
  • Improvement: A slight change to the todo list has been made. Please see the image below for a clearer explanation but we've added the total number of todos for clarity. Eg. “5 of 7” todos indicates that you are seeing 5 todos but there are another 2 hidden due to the filters selected.



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