Release - 1st - 2nd March 2017

This weeks release see's a few changes to your Insight NPS software, alongside a few bug fixes.


The location drop down has moved!

The location drop down has moved from the top right hand side, to the top of the page alongside the other filters as per the screenshot below.



New League Table Drill Down

New league table drill down functionality on the dashboard - the all new drill down functionality enables you to move more freely through the league table to get to the information you want to see. As you drill down, your NPS statistics and detail change to match.


Email address now included in response exports

The email address of the member will now be included in any export where member details are exported.


User interface change on the Survey setting page

To see the list under each heading, you now just need to click the bar to expand the detail below.


User interface change on the Recipients list

To see further information on a member, select the member in the main list and further detail appears to the right. To see further detail of each heading, just click the bars to expand the detail below.



Bug fix: Ensure all responses are pulled into Engage

 A bug in the system has meant that in some cases, if a response is not instantly sent back to Engage then it would not be reattempted. We have removed this bug to ensure that if a response initially fails to be sent back to Engage, it will try again.


Bug fix: The survey link has been updated to https

We saw an issue whereby the survey could not open due to a virus checker. We have therefore updated the survey link to https meaning a more secure link preventing this issue recurring.




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