The First Release of 2017! Thursday 5th January 2017

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to getting started on a New Year!

This week's release is mainly for some small fixes as follows:

  • We found a bug when calculating the current status of members for some customers. This has now been resolved to ensure members statuses are correctly shown.
  • Interactions recorded within Insight NPS will now appear in the Interaction Report within Engage. This was previously present however a small change made hid this.
  • There were a few small fixes required on the Facebook integration section under Social Media within Insight. These have now been fixed to ensure all tokens and pages appear correctly.
  • A fix has been put in place to ensure any pages with matching names can now easily be identified to the correct site for easy mapping.
  • A small fix has been input to ensure once a token has been inserted under the Facebook integration section in Insight NPS, the list of pages will now appear as expected.
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